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    This smart phone application was designed to assist Chicago's finest in their day to day tasks. In partnership with ChicagoCop.com, the Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge #7 combined the Police Officer's Field Guide with the Lodge's Handbook, enabling members to retrieve vital information - all in one location. Now, changes and updates for these resources will also occur more timely and accurately.

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“Untrusted Enterprise Developer” Issue Resolution

January 10, 2016

Due to an iOS security update, some users are getting an "Untrusted Enterprise Developer" error message when installing or using the FOP Chicago Lodge #7 App. Please follow these steps to resolve the issue on your iPhone:


iOS Install Error Repaired

March 25, 2014

Dear Officers,

Some of you recently experienced an error while trying to download the FOP app to your iPhone device. This issue was related to a security update in iOS 7.1. We've made the necessary updates to our server in order to be compliant with apple's new requirements. The download is now working correctly.

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing problems with the overtime section as a result of this update simply log out and log in again to resolve any issues.

Please contact me at lindsey@chicagofop.org with any questions or concerns.


Lindsey Tinetti

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Give Us Your Feedback

June 3, 2013

We appreciate any comments on how to upgrade and/or improve the App's usefulness to you out in the field. Tell us how we're doing or let us know if you're having any issues.

16 Responses to “Give Us Your Feedback”

  1. Louis Montes says:

    Able to download the app finally! Appreciate the help In resolving the issues with the download.

  2. mark mizera says:

    Why doesn’t the ot tracker give you your total comp hours available? It only gives by period.

  3. Kevin Mulligan says:

    Can we stretch the screen to fit the iPhone 5?

  4. Timothy Jordan says:

    Can I enter a lump sum of ot hours (first time opening balance)?

  5. Jason Fong says:

    I have strong internet connection even tried strong WiFi connections, but the page context will not load (webpage not available)?

  6. Pc0x814 says:

    I need to add my earned comp time to date from previous years, can it be done?

    I want to add holiday hours, 8 comp, 4 cash can that be done ?

    I used this app a little in 2013, hours keep showing up on summary, can these be erased. And enter hours from question 1?

    • Trevor Montgomery says:

      You can add overtime from previous years. Just login to the overtime section > click the “edit overtime” button > and select the date for the overtime you want to edit. It can be a previous year.

      You can also add multiple overtime records for one day. Just login to the overtime section > select the date you’d like to add overtime > enter the first record (i.e. holiday hours, 8 hours, comp) > click “save” > then click “add record” > and enter the second record (i.e. holiday hours, 4 hours, cash).

  7. Taras Bilyi says:

    This app gives you a lot of data in the palm of your hand , every thing works great. Saul did a great job. He also provides great Email support when you need it.

  8. Jonathan Shortall says:

    Good app. Like the ot tracker. Very user friendly

  9. Pedro Barrera says:

    Re: Phone blocked App download (Android)

    Phone initially blocked the download, referring to my “Security Settings” blocking “unknown sources” other than Google Play

    After deselecting that security option, I was allowed to install app.

    FEEDBACK: Add “troubleshooting” note IF anyone else encounters problems

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